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From farm to table, healthy food for a healthy society

“Sharif Abad Agriculture Company, with a documented history of producing quality agricultural products, is known as one of the important industrial centers in the region. We are committed to improving the level of health and providing healthy food for the community.”

Sharifabad Agriculture Company

Sharifabad Agriculture and Industry Company is one of the reliable commercial, production and economic units that started its activity in 1355 with the initial name of Sharifabad Agriculture and Industry and Imran (with limited liability) with a capacity of 1000 dairy cows and in 1363/ 11/07 from limited liability to a private limited company, on 06/22/1383 to a public limited company, then on 5/22/1391 to a private limited company and finally on 6/18/1397 to a public limited company gave type

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