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Agricultural and Garden Products

The agricultural sector, with 750 hectares of arable land, is located at 17.50 longitude and 18.36 latitude, which uses linear rain irrigation systems, center pivot, classic fixed and strip irrigation as an independent sector. He is active in agriculture and industry in Sharif Abad.
By prioritizing the production of fodder for animal husbandry, this department has been able to provide up to 40% of the fodder required for animal husbandry (in rainy years).
In addition to that, in the field of cultivation of other strategic crops such as wheat, canola, etc., it has been able to produce an average of 1500 tons of seeds of these products annually, which accounts for a significant share of the region’s production in competition with other companies and farmers. to give


Also, the agricultural sector, while maintaining the existing gardens in the farm, compared to the increase of the cultivated area of about 23 hectares Almond garden and having 10,850 almond trees, of which 5,000 are fruitful, an average of 18 tons of almonds are harvested annually and it will double in the coming years.