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By providing diversity in its products, Sharif Abad Agriculture, as a multi-product producer in the field of animal husbandry, agriculture and dairy, plays a very important role in meeting the needs of the market and developing the agriculture and animal husbandry industry. The types of products manufactured by Sharif Abad company are:

Livestock products:

Sharif Abad Company is a reputable producer of livestock products, including quality dairy cows and calves. These products are very important in the livestock industry and ensure the supply of quality milk and meat for consumers.

Agricultural and garden products :

The variety of agricultural products of Sharif Abad company includes fodder corn, barley, alfalfa, wheat, rapeseed, triticale and other agricultural products. These products play an important role as important sources of nutrition for livestock and food sources for humans in the agricultural market and general consumption.

dairy products:

Sharifabad company is also active in the production of dairy products, which includes products such as fresh milk and dairy products such as cheese. These products are highly important in terms of nutrition and play a role in providing important and needed foods for the people of the society.

The diversity of the company’s products shows its commitment to the development of various agricultural and animal husbandry industries and to meet the diverse needs of the market. These efforts increase the production, employment and economic development of the region and help the country in providing quality food.