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History of the Company

Sharifabad Agriculture and Industry Company is one of the reliable commercial, production and economic units that started its activity in 1355 with the initial name of Sharifabad Agriculture and Industry and Imran (with limited liability) with a capacity of 1000 dairy cows and in 1984/10/03 from limited liability to a private limited company, on 2004/09/12 to a public limited company, then on 2012/08/12 to a private limited company and finally on 2018/09/09 to a public limited company gave type.

The financial year of this company has also been changed since the end of December and operates according to the resolution of 09/06/2019.

The main activity of Sharif Abad Agriculture and Industry Company is animal husbandry, agriculture and production of dairy processing products.

This complex is concentrated in the field of animal husbandry and agriculture in a land of 900 hectares, and in the end of 2013, the Rabata dairy processing factory was added to the complex.

The animal husbandry department has 8 separate units and more than 8700 purebred Holstein cattle, 4500 breeding cattle with a daily production of 135 tons per day and more than 50 thousand tons of milk annually, the birth of 3800 fattening male calves, 600 pregnant heifers and about 1000 meat production heads. It is in operation that the milk produced by the animal husbandry sector has the highest quality and standard.

The agricultural sector, with 850 hectares of arable land, operates as an independent sector using linear rain irrigation system, center pivot, fixed classic and strip irrigation (Brigade) and meets the needs of the animal husbandry sector in different periods of time, including Provides fodder corn and hay.

Other types of crops including wheat, canola, triticale, barley, sorghum and garden products such as walnuts and almonds are periodically produced in the lands of this company.

Rabta dairy processing factory was added to Sharif Abad agriculture and industry complex from February 2013.

This factory operates in the field of producing dairy products and sells products such as cheese, buttermilk, animal oil, yogurt and buttermilk in various packages and different weights to the market.

The legal type of this company has changed several times.

Sustainability Report of Sharif Abad Agriculture Company (Public Share)

According to the principles of Article 39 and 40 of the Corporate Governance Directive, which was approved by the Board of Directors of the Stock Exchange and Securities Organization on 07/18/1401, Sharif Abad Agriculture Company (Public Stock) in order to achieve sustainable development and performance evaluation in Long-term and short-term courses have taken actions as follows:

Short term goals :

According to the approved budget, monthly monitoring meetings are held with the presence of major shareholders, and during these meetings, deviations and their reasons are analyzed and evaluated. The results of this evaluation are presented to the managers and related deputies to make the decisions needed to be implemented in the operation.

long term purposes :

By preparing a strategic document for the period up to 1404 and its approval by the board of directors, Sharif Abad Agriculture and Sanat Company has determined its strategies, goals and contexts together with other stakeholders. In this strategic document, social responsibilities are specified in a qualitative and general way, and annual budgets are determined to achieve long-term goals and related deviations.

Compliance measures with the sustainability report:

A: Financial and economic transparency: To create transparency in financial and economic activities, the company provides information related to monthly sales by product, operating income and comparison with the same period in three-month, six-month and annual periods in the publisher information system (Kedal). publishes

B: Environmental protection and energy efficiency: By taking effective measures, a large volume of wastewater with high bod and cod characteristics from milking units, calf farms, hospitals and surface water from rain, after treatment, is transferred to storage pools to be used in agriculture and biological losses Reduce the environment. Also, in order to optimize energy consumption, smart meters are installed on wells in the agricultural sector.

C: Social responsibility: The company pays attention to social responsibilities by participating in associations and charitable institutions, public assistance and social services and provides services to the society. It also guarantees the quality of production and occupational safety by holding training courses and improving the health and safety of employees.

D: Economic and operational efficiency: In economic and operational terms, the company periodically monitors the performance and provides analytical reports to the regular audit committee. This information improves economic processes and appropriate decisions are made to achieve economic goals.

Values ​​determine the basis of attitudes, behaviors and characteristics expected in an organization. These values ​​form the foundation of the organizational culture and indicate the importance that the organization emphasizes. Values ​​do not change over time and in different situations and should be reflected in all organizational activities.

Considering the fact that the value statement should guide the performance of employees and be the basis for decision-making in activities, the main values ​​of Sharif Abad Agriculture and Industry Company are defined as follows and have been approved by the strategic management team and the CEO of the company:

  1. Meritocracy
  2. Respect for human dignity
  3. Learning and using today's technologies
  4. Technology oriented
  5. Foresight
  6. Sustainable growth and profitability
  7. Creating value for employees and stakeholders
  8. At the customer's service

These values ​​are realized with systematicity and attention to the principles of Islamic ethics in all economic activities of the company, and some ethical behaviors are consistent with the working conditions and culture of the company.

Sharif Abad Agriculture and Industry Company, one of the largest and most reliable institutions active in the field of livestock and agriculture, is known as a reliable and reliable brand inside and outside the country in terms of dairy products and agricultural products (agriculture and horticulture). Using modern knowledge and technology, this company is establishing a prominent commercial symbol in the province and the country in these two areas.

The main goal of the company in the 1404 years, includes the following:

- Daily production of 200 tons of raw milk

- Achieving a share of 12.5% ​​of raw milk production in Qazvin province

- Supply of 650 heifers per year

- Production of 800 tons of red meat from male and female calves

- Increasing the production of fodder corn and barley from 29,000 tons to 35,000 tons and providing more than 54% of the needs of the animal husbandry unit

- Increasing the area of ​​walnut and almond orchards from 16 hectares to more than 24 hectares and producing more than 27 tons of almonds.

These goals make Sharifabad Agriculture and Industry Company to be recognized as an important and leading representative in the field of animal husbandry and agriculture, both within the province and at the country level, and encouraged to buy and sustain cooperation.

Sharif Abad Agriculture and Industry Company, as an active member of Kausar Agricultural Investment Group companies, by using expert and committed manpower, modern knowledge and modern equipment, in the fields of dairy cattle breeding, agriculture and production of dairy products (Sharif Abad and Rabta brands) ) Works.

We believe that human health is the axis of sustainable development of the country. Therefore, by providing a part of the country's milk needs, we try to place the quality and health of our products as the basis of our value creation and efforts.

Sharif Abad Agriculture Company has carried out breeding measures in the field of heavy livestock and by completing the complete chain from farm to table and closely monitoring this cycle, it provides the possibility of differentiating its products for import to domestic and foreign markets. Relying on its expertise and experience, this company responds to the responsibility of the heavy livestock production chain and continues its activities in the fields of dairy cattle breeding and dairy products production as Sharif Abad and Rabta brands.

Mission components:

the product

  • Livestock products (including: raw milk, male calf, heifer, animal meat and manure)
  • Agricultural products (including: barley, forage corn, wheat, canola, almonds, walnuts)
  • Rabata dairy products (including: cheese, primary cheese and pizza cheese, cream, milk powder, animal oil, sterile and pasteurized products and yogurts)


  • Animal husbandry customers (milk factories: Pegah, Kale, Damdaran, Pakban, Rabta, Chupan, Sheme Shir and Sahar and some small factories in the region and other provinces)
  • Agricultural customers (agricultural jihad and the agricultural and industrial animal husbandry complex, rural cooperatives)
  • Dairy customers (distribution centers in Qom, Tehran and Makrizi, direct sales in Qom, stores of Jhanbazan chain companies, hospitals and affiliated centers of Shahid Foundation, affiliated companies of the Organization and Kausar Agricultural Investment Company)


  • The company's main market is in domestic markets
  • Animal husbandry products (domestic market with priority in areas close to livestock farming in the north and center of the country)
  • Crops (Qazvin, Qom, Tehran, Gilan and Mazandaran provinces)
  • Dairy products (Qom, Tehran and central provinces and export through intermediaries to Iraq and Oman)


Using the latest technologies :

  • In the field of animal husbandry (free stall parlors, automatic milking, artificial insemination and embryo transfer, fine feed feeders, pasteurizers, sewage treatment separators, modern air conditioning systems)
  • in agriculture (modern and mechanized irrigation systems, mechanized silos for storing raw materials and wheat)

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