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CEO’s speech

Sharif Abad Agriculture Company, as one of the large and well-known industrial producers of the country’s agricultural sector, considers itself committed to producing healthy products and respecting the rights and interests of all its stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, suppliers and customers. » As a leading production unit in the agricultural industry, always play an effective role in promoting and developing related technologies and knowledge-based production in the country.

We, the employees of Sharif Abad Agriculture and Sanat Company, are proud that we have found the opportunity to serve, learn and gain experience in this company and we try intelligently to:

A- With optimal management of water consumption, we should be among the top 5 producers in the country in the index of the ratio of production to the amount of water consumption in all products of the agriculture and horticulture sector.

B- The animal husbandry unit of the company should be among the top 5 dairy cattle units in the country in all important production and health indicators.

C – At least one of the products of the Rabata dairy factory in the area of ​​Qom city should be known as one of the famous and high-quality products from the customers’ point of view.

introduction of a company

In order to achieve the set goals, the employees of Kesht and Sanat Sharif Abad Company are committed to “provide our best performance as a coordinated and integrated team in every job position”.