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Livestock products

This part of the company has 8 separate units and a total herd population of more than 8700 purebred Holstein cattle, including 4200 productive cattle with an annual production of more than 50 thousand tons of milk, the birth of 3800 male and female calves per year, and the sale of 1800 calves. Breeding males, 600 purebred pregnant heifers and about 1000 elimination female cows are working for meat production.
The milk produced by the livestock sector is of the highest quality and standard.

پرورش گاو
  • The largest register herd with 100% purity in Iran
  • Increasing the number of herds from 1420 to 8700 heads
  • Increasing the efficiency of daily milk production to 150 tons
  • Breeding breeding bulls under the supervision of the breeding center of the country consecutively
  • Production of purebred male calves for fattening
  • Using sexed sperm to increase the birth of female calves
  • Winner of the top position in purebred Holstein cow festivals in Iran
  • The producer of the largest number of eugenic male calves for the country’s eugenics center
  • A leader in breeding practices and operations in the country
  • Establishment of the exhibition base of Oshenejad Center from the beginning until now for academics