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Production of water and food and creation of employment for Iran in agriculture and industry of Sharif Abad with sustainable development of agriculture

«ان‌الله لایغیر ما بقوم حتی یغیروا ما بانفسهم.»( سوره رعد ایه 11)
Self-made people can take steps in the direction of civilization and progress, meeting needs, agricultural development, food security, etc.
Mohammad Taqi Amanpour, a veteran and founder of Jihad Sazandagi, is a well-known figure in the country and is currently a member of the Qazvin Plain Revitalization and Stabilization Committee. The supreme leader of the revolution, in the statement of the second step of the revolution, emphasized that civilization building is very necessary in the current situation, and its path is through jihadi management and scientific jihad. Amanpour, after years of activity in the construction effort as the vice president of education and research until serving in the Ministry of Oil, boosted domestic production and encouraged innovators and entrepreneurs. which can be reached in the shortest possible time.

Amanpour described himself as a small drop in the big ocean of the Islamic Ummah and said: “Before the revolution, I was admitted to the Polytechnic University with the first rank in the entrance exam and I was recognized as an active and effective member of the student movement; After the revolution, I was able to immediately activate the student movement in relation to the government and system, and be the prime minister’s representative in the army and responsible for organizing students in critical areas. This plan became the basis for the formation of the “Jihad Plan for the Construction of Villages”, which was finally implemented by the decree of Imam Khomeini (RA) who said: If you want to build the country, you must build the society. If you want to build the society, you must build yourself first, Jihad of construction was formed.

22 I have been active in construction jihad as a member of the Central Council, commander of engineering and war support, and deputy minister. Participation in the student movement before the revolution and construction jihad after the revolution taught me many valuable things and provided countless opportunities to innovate. , entrepreneurship, honest service for the people (especially the rural and disadvantaged), how to interact with the youth, creating hope and helping others grow, and relying on the jihadi management model, I learned how to make policies, design methods, and how to develop technologies..

Since the beginning of 2010, I continued my activity as the CEO of the Oil Support Company and the senior advisor to the Minister of Oil in industrial affairs and created a new field for supporting equipment manufacturers, technology transfer, development of knowledge-based issues, innovation and entrepreneurship. For a while, I was working as the head of Tehran Municipality’s Planning and Studies Center. In the 9th and 10th governments, I didn’t have much opportunity to cooperate with the government, but in the 11th government, I am serving as the manager of the export of goods and technical and engineering services of the Ministry of Petroleum. My main approach during serving the Islamic system has been knowledge-based activity and design of sustainable development models.

By God’s grace, I managed to propose a new approach and thinking, the value of which is not less than the value of Iran’s export goods. A correct thinking is always lasting and effective and will be advanced by innovators and entrepreneurs of the next generations in the path of perfection; This very important event can be the reason for many hopes in Sharif Abad Agriculture and Industry Company. We in Sharif Abad Agriculture and Industry have many capacities in the fields of agriculture, horticulture, livestock and poultry, and a development plan should be formulated for all these cases.

Amanpour also pointed out the economicization of livestock in agriculture and industry in Sharifabad and reminded: Today, it can generate income only if it sells its milk and meat, while the economicization of the livestock sector has large dimensions, and Sharif Abad Agriculture Company should be a pioneer in this field.

Regarding the activation of agriculture and industry in Sharif Abad, he emphasized that it is necessary to be economically active in agriculture and industry in Sharif Abad, including livestock, poultry, aquatic, agricultural and horticultural.

He is the genius of designing sustainable development models, including sustainable agricultural development.

During the 44 years after the victory of the revolution, with the support of 6 years of student struggles before the revolution during knowledge-based activities, active communication with prestigious universities of the world has always been called for cooperation with them, the most important of which is the participation in the training workshop on privatization in the third world at Harvard University. have been.

Mohammad Taqi Amanpour pointed out the valuable economic ideas of knowledge-based production and business in agriculture and industry and said: The organization of the current situation of livestock farming and industry of Sharif Abad will be realized if each of the trustee areas has expert advice.

Also, very easy and practical measures, including the enrichment of animal feed with micronutrients, which lead to an increase in the quantity and quality of production, which were decided to be investigated and followed up.

Another strength of Sharif Abad agriculture and industry is the huge capacity of this complex and cooperation with Shahid University, which should be used by all the factors of Shahid Foundation’s activities, especially in Kausar Economic Organization.

Sharifabad Agriculture and Industry can be a suitable pilot for using the working capacity of professors, students and employees of universities to produce knowledge that is necessary to be operational.

In the end, Amanpour, with great sincerity, while introducing himself as a small servant of the system and a soldier of the leadership, announced his readiness to fully support the Sharif Abad Agriculture and Industry Company in the framework of sustainable development of the Qazvin Plain.