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Trading and sale

As one of the main components of the company, the commercial, marketing and sales unit is divided into categories such as marketing and market development, foreign trade, and sales. In the following, the duties of these units are briefly described.

Marketing and market development:

In order to strengthen the database and attract new customers, the marketing and market development unit has planned and presented expert plans to meet the needs of customers in different sectors, taking into account the complete understanding of the market conditions and the detailed analysis of visible and invisible changes in the country’s economy. Gives.

In addition to implementing management based on the company’s plans and priorities, this unit performs the following activities:

  •  Supervision of investment fields.
  • Anticipating and checking the needs of customers of different companies and activists in this field.
  •  Customer database monitoring.
  • Examining the schedule of exhibitions and conferences in the country and compiling and implementing marketing and sales plans.
  •  Providing consulting services and specialized support to company managers in the field of study and executive programs.
  •  Ensuring the coordination of product imports with customer expectations.
  •  Checking the information obtained from the sales agents in the market and monitoring suitable and practical products inside and outside the country and trying to provide and present it to the audience.
  •  Technical advice regarding the provision of equipment needed by customers and providing suitable solutions for higher productivity in carrying out projects.
Foreign Trade:

The foreign trade unit is one of the basic departments of the company and plays a key role in supporting the supply and sale of goods. This department starts tasks from the time of ordering goods, which includes things such as opening credits, entering the country’s customs and clearing goods and sending goods to warehouses. On-time supply of goods improves sales and increases market share, and it is the company’s pride that this department contributes to the development of market share by implementing successful performance.


The company’s sales department always tries to establish strong relationships with customers. Honesty is considered the first foundation in any constructive relationship. In addition to receiving orders, this department carefully diagnoses and understands the needs of customers and tries to provide the best solutions for customers. This section is divided into three sub-sections of project sales, cooperation and store.

In the sub-section of project sales and cooperation with the marketing department, the company sells products according to establishing continuous relationships and understanding the needs of customers, and in the sub-section of store sales, it tries to establish several stores as showrooms to present goods to customers. .

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