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Planning for “Sharif Abad” to lead in the livestock and agriculture industry

Planning for “Sharif Abad” to lead in the livestock and agriculture industry
According to the company’s public relations and information report, Sadegh Sedekgou, public relations manager of Kausar Agricultural Investment Company, while congratulating the appointment of Dr. Seyed Mahmoud Haj Akbari as the CEO of this company, pointed to his valuable managerial and revolutionary records and said: Her company and presence in the group of veterans and pioneers of the holy institution of Jihad Sazendagi is proof of the jihadist spirit that governs her administration. The public relations and information manager of Kowsar Agricultural Holding considered breaking the deadlock based on concern and expertise, innovation and commitment to be part of the Jihadi culture in the management field and added: The agricultural sector, as the most obvious symbol of “resistance economy”, is an effective factor in sustainable development and one of the most important components of the country’s national security, and it is necessary to pay special attention to it in the front line of production and self-sufficiency.

In the continuation of this meeting, Dr. Seyyed Mohammad Haj Akbari, referring to the competitive advantages and significant potentials of Sharif Abad Agriculture and Industry Company, said : Capacities such as : The purest heavy Holstein cattle of the country and benefiting from lands suitable for cultivation can be suitable grounds for the leadership of this collection in the country’s animal husbandry and agriculture industry. He added : The activity of this complex in different areas of the agricultural sector, as well as having the Rabata industrial unit complex, is one of the unique advantages that can provide more and better cooperation fields with the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture as the executor of national and special projects. In another part of his speech, the CEO of Sharif Abad Agriculture and Industry Company announced planning and goal setting for the growth and excellence of this complex by using the capacity of the country’s academic community among the other programs he considered and stated: The ability to increase raw milk production on the one hand and the need to create added value through exiting raw milk sales on the other hand, in addition to being profitable for this company, will also increase the value of “Zashrif” shares.

In another part of this meeting, regarding the planned programs in the field of creating unity in the production and publishing processes of media content in the agricultural holding and strengthening the synergy and coordination between the public relations of the subsidiaries with the holding’s public relations and information management, discussion and There was an exchange of views.