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The honoring and introduction meeting of the CEO of Sharifabad Agriculture and Industry Company was held.

According to the company’s public relations and information report, Ibrahim Gholami, at the beginning of this meeting, while honoring the memory of the martyrs of the path of righteousness and virtue, especially the oppressed martyrs of Gaza, said: The pride of us Iranians has been the defense of the oppressed and oppressed of the world, and we hope that with the advent of Hazrat Wali Asr (A.S.), the scrolls of the oppressors and the arrogant will be wrapped up and there will be an opening in the affairs of the Muslims of the world. The managing director and vice president of Kausar Agricultural Investment Company continued to appreciate and thank the services and efforts of Engineer Daud Mandagh, the chairman of the board of directors of Sharif Abad Agriculture and Industry Company during his tenure as the head of this company. The brilliant honors of Sharif Abad Agriculture Company this year are the result of their efforts and the support of their personnel.

While introducing Dr. Seyyed Mahmoud Haj Akbari as the new CEO of Sharif Abad Agricultural Investment Company, the Managing Director of Kowsar Agricultural Investment Company said: The experience of attending various management levels in the country’s veterinary organization, including: The chairmanship of the raw milk quality improvement committee and the public health and food supervision office, as well as the history of participation in the holy organization Jihad Sazandegi, shows his expertise and commitment.
In the final part of his speech, Ebrahim Gholami attributed the development and progress of the agricultural holding to the continuous support of the CEO of Kausar Economic Organization and expressed hope: Definitely, this path will be strengthened in Sharif Abad company with the presence of Dr. Haj Akbari. At the beginning of this meeting, engineer Daud Mandage, the chairman of the board of directors and supervisor of Sharif Abad Agriculture and Industry Company, presented performance reports in various fields and showed the new design of Rabata dairy products.

While thanking the personnel of this company who created a calm and dynamic atmosphere for activities with their companionship and empathy, he added: I consider the success of serving the family of the martyrs as an unforgettable success during my service. Then, Dr. Seyyed Mahmoud Haj Akbari, the new CEO of Sharif Abad Agriculture Company, while thanking Engineer Gholami and Dr. Fakhari, said: The dynamism, vitality and reliability of any economic complex depends on empathy and synergy, effort and motivation to serve. He added: Today, when the success of serving in another stronghold has been achieved, I hope to be a good trustee in the path of development and excellence.