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Selling a number of surplus machines


Auction announcement of excess production devices of Rabata factory

Sharif Abad Agriculture and Sanat Company intends to sell a number of surplus production machines through public auction as follows:

1- Milk filling machine in nylon envelopes with a capacity of 2000 envelopes per hour

2- milk condensing device (uf) with a nominal capacity of 7 tons of milk per hour

3-Churn continuous production machine with a nominal capacity of producing 3 tons of cream per hour

Applicants to participate in the auction can, starting from 04/11/1401, prepare the auction documents and visit the equipment subject to the auction by referring to the address of Tehran-Qom-Shakohieh Industrial City, 7th Chamran Blvd., No. 36G, Rabta Dairy Factory.

Call 025-33340263 to take action.

The duration of participation in the auction is one week and the opening date of the price announcement envelopes is 9 days from the start date of handing over the auction documents, as well as the cost of printing the advertisement and the expert is the responsibility of the winner of the auction.