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Selling a number of production line devices (expired)



Auction announcement (first round)

Sharifabad Agriculture and Sanat Company intends to sell a number of production line devices in its respective company through public auction:

1- a three-block device

2- A Caspian 75 opening device

3- A Caspian 125 aperture device

4- A 95 Speed ​​Sanat opening device

5- Two bag milk filling machines

6- 13*9 Mazand filter device

7- Two storage tanks of one ton

8- A storage tank of 5 tons

9- Two steel buffer tanks of one ton


It is worth noting that the cost of printing the ad is borne by the winner of the auction.

Place of registration: Qom-Shekohieh Industrial City. Rabta Company

or through the contact numbers: Mr. Noori




Publication time: April 21 or 22, 1400

The deadline for registration is one week from the date of publication of the advertisement.