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Relatively fatty white cheese of 8 kg

Relatively fatty Iranian white cheese weighing eight kilograms, produced by Sharifabad company, is marketed as a quality product with outstanding nutritional properties. This cheese is produced from fresh milk as the main ingredient, which is transformed into a product with desirable characteristics and balanced ingredients through a careful production process and appropriate technical knowledge.


In order to improve the taste and quality of cheese, salt is added to the cheese solution. Also, by adding milk protein powder, the protein content increases and the nutritional value of the product is strengthened. The use of starter and rennet enzyme is done in order to improve the production process and improve the quality characteristics of cheese.


This white cheese with a balanced fat ratio and under the Sharifabad brand, is packed in polyethylene packaging with special care and attention in order to preserve the quality and original taste of the cheese. This type of packaging, as an effective tool in maintaining the quality and freshness of the product for a reasonable period of time, assures customers and maintains the quality of the product for a long time.