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Relatively fatty white cheese of 16 kg

Relatively fatty Iranian white cheese with an increase in dry matter, produced by Sharifabad company, is a delicious and high-quality product that is prepared in compliance with health standards and using modern techniques. This cheese consists of various and specialized ingredients, which include:


  1. fresh milk: Fresh and unpasteurized milk, which is the main component of cheese preparation.
  2. Salt: To adjust the taste and preserve the shelf life of the cheese.
  3. Starter: Special microorganisms that play a role in the process of turning milk into cheese.
  4. Rent enzyme: To increase the fermentation process and dairy formation.
  5. Butter: In order to increase the amount of fat and the specific flavor of cheese.
  6. milk powder: As an additive source of dry and powder materials.
  7. Protein powder: To enhance the amount of protein in cheese.


These compounds are carefully combined and paying attention to certain proportions to provide the best quality and taste to relatively fatty white cheese with an increase in dry matter. The final product is packed with the Sharifabad brand, using high-quality cheese bars, and preserves the freshness and quality of the cheese for a shelf life of 16 kg.