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Relatively fatty white cheese of 10 kg

Relatively fatty Iranian white cheese with a weight of ten kilograms, a valuable product from Sharifabad company, is offered to consumers using a precise combination of raw materials and a quality production process. This white cheese is produced from fresh milk as the main ingredient, which turns into a product with desirable characteristics through the production process.


To improve the taste and quality of cheese, salt is added to the solution. Also, by adding milk protein powder, the amount of protein in the product increases, which helps to improve its nutritional value. The use of starter and rennet enzyme improves the production process and the final quality of cheese.


This white cheese with the right fat ratio, under the Sharifabad brand, is packed in polyethylene packages with care and attention to detail. This polyethylene packaging as an effective means to preserve the quality and freshness of cheese, due to the protective properties of this material, attracts the confidence of customers and guarantees the preservation of product quality for a significant period of time.