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Relatively fatty white cheese 1 kg

Relatively fatty Iranian white cheese, produced by Sharifabad company using the ultrafiltration method, is a high-quality and tasty example of white cheese produced by this company. In this method, by using ultra filtration, different components of milk, including fat and proteins, are effectively separated from each other to produce white cheese with the desired composition and specific properties.


To prepare this cheese, fresh milk is used as the main ingredient. By adding salt to the mixture, the right taste and balance is created in the product. Milk protein powder is also added to the mixture to provide the necessary protein for the structure and quality of the cheese.


To start the cheese making process, starter is added to the mixture to start the fermentation process and form the proper structure of the cheese. Also, by using Renth enzyme, the process of coagulation of proteins and formation of cheese matrix is accelerated.


As a result, this Iranian white cheese is carefully prepared by the ultrafiltration method and presented in polyethylene packaging under the Sharifabad brand. This packaging, which is resistant to environmental factors, helps the shelf life and quality of cheese for a long time, so that consumers can benefit from and enjoy cheese with a fresh and high-quality taste.