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1 kg Liqvan cheese

Iranian Liqvan cheese, weighing one kilogram, produced by Sharifabad company, is a valuable representative of the history and culture of Iranian cheese making, which is presented to consumers in an original form and in compliance with quality standards. With the right combination of raw materials and using technical expertise, this cheese becomes an impressive experience of traditional cheeses.


In the preparation of this Liqvan cheese, fresh milk is used as the main ingredient and it is added to the production process by adding starter, which is a type of lactic yeast. Also, rennet enzyme is added to the ingredients as an effective factor in the process of cheese formation. Adding salt also helps to create the desired taste.


After the production process, the cheese is ripened in salt water and then placed in polyethylene packages with the Sharifabad brand. This suitable packaging works to maintain the quality and freshness of the cheese for a reasonable period of time. This type of packaging assures the consumers that the authentic traditional Liqvan cheese, which is ripened in salt water and delivered to them in polyethylene packaging, remains fresh and of high quality and brings optimal nutritional value.